well, i missed day three by 41 minutes. but for good reason. Husby and i went to uptown to meet up with my best friend, her husband, and a million of their friends. it was a big drunken staring at boobs, talking about yucky things really loudly, and drinking more beer kind of night (for everyone but said bff, Husby and myself). bff was embarrassed by her by-marriage family (aren’t we all sometimes?!), and i was having a bout of prideful thankfulness. thankful for my darling Husby, who carefully selects his favorite beer, has one, and considers it a treat. thankful for my bff and our friendship (which has been a tested one, and consistently prevails), that she can pour out her heart to me on a barstool in the midst of trashed-ness. thankful for our quiet old person life that we have in our beautiful, quiet UNPACKED and DECORATED, home. thankful for knowing that my amazing Husby will be consistent and faithful to his pursuit of my heart, which includes taking care of me, not drinking too much, and (to a fault) putting my needs before his.

i’m almost smug that God can shine through, even in a slight drunkfest. and that He can place within that drunkfest a calm spot for me to realize my thankfuls. praise be to God.
aer anna
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