it’s day two of november & nablomopo or whatever it’s acronymed, so here i am! today was the Big Day Off. it was spent sleeping in waaaay too late, out to lunch with grace lutheran church youth (hereafter referred to as glcy) , waiting for Husby to get home from work, and cleaning/unpacking/hanging pics. phew. notice nowhere above did i say “shower, change out of pj’s, eat normally, or do any work”. ahh. and so has been the delightful mixture of chaos and attempting to leave work at work that is my life.

lately it’s become increasingly frusterating to feel and even embrace all these emotions i’ve got going on. the apartment Husby and i have moved into is a big jumbled heap of old yucky things, beautiful new wedding gifts, and everything in between. yowsas. work is also piled up – big events, kids with hugey huge things going on in their lives, not enough time to devote to quiet time, and an increasing awareness of the need for calm. and let me tell you, there is no calm in my life. not a calm place to go to and sit in, not a calm spot in my heart, not a calm to be found.

so what does one do besides pray for “the peace which passes all understanding?” soak in every beautiful sunset, relish each moment alone in the clean car, close eyes and breathe, snuggle up to Husby at night and love his breathing. i can’t seem to find the elusive calm places, yet the calm seems to find me – usually just when i think i’m going to lose it.
aer anna
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