it is 2:48am. in Uganda, it is 10:48am. for the last 3 hours i have been sitting motionless on the couch, reading through a blog. i hope, after reading it, that i will not let myself be the same.

i have no words for what i’ve read, only a link. a link to a summary of one girls (she is 20 in this post) breathtaking, heartwrenching, passionate, BOLD journey to Uganda. each story in this summary, i have ‘seen’ unfold; as she started her blog before this journey began, you can start at the beginning too. you will stay up waaaay too late, and wonder how you will sleep tonight, and function as an american should tomorrow.

but that’s what God does. He wakes us up to His heart, and He wrecks us.

Amazima Ministries International
Kisses From Kate

when He releases me from my faith-induced stupor, perhaps there will be more words to process this. if you have any, please leave them as a comment. how will you / have you allow(ed) God to wreck you?
-a girl

{girl with blog}

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