the ‘charmed’ life

For the last few months I’ve been following Joanne’s story. She’s 38, and had a stroke in January. Her story is straight up amazing, and if you need a shot of God’s big-ness and healing powers, hop over and read. When you open her blog, you’ll notice the header – a funky, pretty, girly picture of a charm bracelet. It is one of her favorite things! She has SO many neat charms – I’d love to hear the pretty tinkly sound it makes =)

Today is Joanne’s birthday! In her honor, as requested, I’m sharing my charms with you here, linking up to her blog today, and asking YOU to keep her in your prayers. Her husband keeps her blog updated with a few prayer requests each day. If you have a charm bracelet (I’d love to see it!), wear it in Joanne’s honor, and use it as a reminder to lift her up in prayer. Hers is now a household name – my husby will ask me how she’s doing, and I’ll let him know the news from her blog.

I have had this bracelet for 10ish years. When I was in high school, I worked at a Hallmark store (the same one I work at a couple days a week now!), and they sold these cool Italian charms. So you can see most of my charms, but here is a little bit about each one:
- a Golden Retriever: this was originally for my family dog, but now applies to my sweet poochie too =)
- a gold crown: I bought this in honor of working at a Hallmark Gold Crown store. And in college, I was the queen of my hometown. True story.
- Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse: once a summer, for 4 summers, I took a group of awesome middle schoolers to Lee Valley Ranch. Those were my favorite trips ever. Ever.
- an outline of MN: I just love living in Minnesota!
- a pink ribbon: in honor of my mom and grandma’s victory over breast cancer.
- Pike Place Market: y’all know that I met and got engaged to my sweet husby in Seattle =)
- an outline of Hawaii: my bestie lives there, and 2 weeks before my wedding I went to visit her!
- an ‘I Love Cooking’: ’cause I do =)
- cowboy boots & ‘the queen’: in honor of when I was the queen of my hometown, the theme of our celebration is Defeat of Jesse James Days. All cowboy. So fun =)
- ‘I Love Camp’ & a tent under the stars: oh, part of my heart will always belong to camp.

Mine truly feels like a charmed life. Thanks for being a part of it, and happy birthday, Joanne!
-a girl

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  • Kim – Mommycosm

    Thank you for sharing her story. She’s in my thoughts and prayers now.

    I don’t have a charm bracelet :( Maybe it’s time to start one.

    Oh, and you WOULD be Queen of your Town, lol. You’re awesome!

  • Carrie Fairy Thoughts

    I have been following Joanne’s hubby’s tweets – but do not know the blog website. Can you give it to me? This is CarrieFairygirl from Twitter! Hi! This is a GREAT blog post. I wish I had a charm bracelet. Maybe that will be a next gift I ask for?? I have a charm bracelet that is all Wizard of Oz – but I didn’t collect charms. I want to do that!! Thanks!! Tell Nysse hello!

    Carolyn “Carrie” Sella – Johnson