I first made these at Christmas time. And I’m not telling how many times I’ve made them since. =) They are SO, so good! And really super easy. The original recipe comes from the first (of my now many) Gooseberry Patch Christmas Kitchen.

 Growing up, my mom was the choir director at church, so on Easter morning we had to be there before dawn for the sunrise service. The Easter bunny was so smart, though, that he left our Easter baskets in the car! =) I think if my mom had had this recipe, we could have had these even before leaving for church. They’re just SO delicious, simple, and perfect for company. You put everything together the night before serving them, and just bake them for a half hour in the morning. And even though they’re included in a winter cookbook, I think they’re perfect for Easter breakfast.
Caramel Breakfast Wreath
from Gooseberry Patch ‘Christmas Kitchen
1 c. chopped pecans
16 frozen white dinner rolls
3 1/2 oz pkg. cook & serve butterscotch pudding (Be sure you don’t get instant!)
3/4 c. brown sugar
1/2 c. butter, melted
gather your supplies… yes, that entire stick of butter is going in! =)
spray the bottom of the Bundt pan with vegetable spray (I use EVOO spray). drop 1/2 the pecans in.
place the rolls right on top of the pecans.
sprinkle the pudding over rolls.
mix melted butter and brown sugar together. pour over rolls.
sprinkle the remaining 1/2 of your pecans on top of the caramel (I left the pecans out this time).
place pan in cold oven overnight.
rolls will thaw, rise, and smell yummy!
In the morning, remove pan from oven.
Preheat oven to 325*, and bake rolls for 30 minutes.
You’ll notice that the ‘after baking’ pictures are not in a Bundt pan. That is because we ate the pan-full before I remembered to take pictures! =) So I made them this morning just so I could take the after pictures {it was a big sacrifice}, but since it’s just me and husby, I used a round cake pan and halved the recipe. It worked great.
remove from oven. place large plate over top of rolls, and **carefully!!** flip onto plate.
caramel will be very hot and drippy, so be careful!
yummy, gooey, caramelly goodness.
are you drooling yet?
my happy cozy place at the table! =)
-anna {girl with blog}

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