My sweet mister Sam… He had his 4month check yesterday and ROCKED it! He charmed the doctor and all the nurses =)

4mo stats:

  • 15lbs 8.5 oz – that kid gained over 5 lbs in two months!!
  • 26.5″ long – he grew two and half inches in two months
  • 17″ head – gained an inch in two months

4mo skills gained (thanks for the chart and idea, Johanna!):

  • Mastered (most kids can do):
    • smiles, laughs – YES!! Glory be, it’s beautiful.
    • coos when you talk to him – yep. Like a champ.
    • can bear weight on legs – LOVES to ‘stand’ up. Loves to.
  • Emerging (half of kids can do):
    • grasp a toy – oh yeah. He loves rattles, this plastic ball thing, and a stuffed taggy block.
    • rolls over front to back – not only this, but back to front too. He’s a rolling machine.
  • Advanced (a few kids can do):
    • imitates sounds: ‘baba’, ‘dada’ – not really.
    • cuts first tooth – lots of drool and chomping, but nothing cutting through
    • eating solids – nope. It’s mama milk alone for a long time yet.

We also started cloth diapering this week! I wanted to hold off on starting until I was feeling better and up to doing lots of laundry. While I’m still not completely healed (more on that soon), I didn’t want to wait any longer. So we bought a bunch of Charlie Banana OS dipes, which are so sweet because you can use reusable or disposable inserts. So we got both =)

So far so good!

It’s been a great month, buddy boy… I adore you!


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