My word. An entire year, swept by in a flash of sleepless nights, firsts & milestones, baths, onesies, little joys & hands, teeth, nursing sessions, snuggles, screams & colic, diapers, fun, and My sweet Boy is so dear, and fun, and silly. I can’t get enough of him!! Were it not for these monthly pictures, I wouldn’t believe it’s been a year.


He is doing so many new things, it’s hard to keep track! Here are the monthly milestones:

Mastered Skills (most kids can do):
Imitates others’ activities: yes, he does, and it is pretty hilarious.
Indicates wants with gestures: we have a pointing champion, friends. Pointing & grunting, to be clear.

Emerging Skills (half of kids can do):
Takes a few steps: yesterday he took 15 in a row. He so walks. Yikes.
Says one word besides “mama” or “dada”: Sam says, ‘mama’, ‘dada’, ‘book’, ‘puppy’, ‘byebye’, and ‘yeah’. =)

Advanced Skills (a few kids can do):
Walks alone: 15 steps worth, anyway =)
Scribbles with a crayon: uh, no. I give him a crayon, it goes in his mouth. No crayons yet.
Says two words besides “mama” or “dada”: four others! He’s a genius! =)

My sweet, darling boy. I am head over heels for you, totally utterly captivated by you, willing to do anything for you. You’ve twisted our lives around, turned our hearts upside down and changed our everyday over this last year – all hard, all wonderful, all for the better. You, my Samboy, are a wonder.

– mommy

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