“There is a plethora of fantastic advice out there on weight loss, exercise, and health management . . . and then there’s the reality of daily life.”
-Jessica Heights
author of 100 Pound Loser

I met Jessica this fall at Allume, and I remember thinking how teeny and cute she was. Husby had a great time hanging out with her husband in the Allume Man Cave (yeah, it was a real thing full of giant TV’s, good beer, beef jerky and awesome). When I saw her offer to swap a free copy of her new e-book in exchange for a review, I jumped at the chance.

Jessica truly keeps it real through this quick & easy read. In her funny and quirky way, she shares truth of who we are in Christ while knowing we could be healthier and bring Him more glory with our temples. The real value of this book lies in the ‘I’m not alone’-ness. Jessica reels you in with her own personal experiences and stories, and I found myself thinking, ‘Her too? Oh, she did that? Wow, I’m not the only one?’, quite often. It’s kind of like a girlfriends guide to weight loss. Simple tricks & tips that add up to big change.
My little Boy is one whole year old, and I don’t think I’ve lost a pound of baby weight. Sure, there are actual legitimate reasons for this (um, does the ‘hooha saga’ ring a bell?) But 2013 is a year of being soft with myself, which means acknowledging that I’m worth treating myself well. This soft view actually leads to getting down to business and making some necessary changes. .

Husby and I loooove our coffee, and there happens to be a drive-thru just a few blocks from our house. And speaking of drive-thrus, how easy is it to pop through one while the baby’s snoozing in the backseat? And don’t even get me started on my lame meal planning. I’m awfulterriblenogood at it, and end up overspending at the store and overeating as a result.

So how exactly are we making changes? Here are a few:

Husby and I joined the gym in November, then promptly got the flu, strep throat, and the flu again. Oh, and celebrated The Boy’s first birthday and Christmas. So. We’ve been going now that those things are all behind us and we’ve loved it. The Boy LOVES to swim, so a good dip in the pool is our family reward for running laps or lifting.

Countertop Coffee
We’ve set our espresso maker, french press & drip pot all out on the counter with syrups  and a handheld frother in hopes of curbing our drive-thru habit. We even bought disposable to-go cups =) (I have this thing where I hate how travel mug lids taste, so I only like the trash ones. I know. I’m a weirdo.)

Real Food
A couple months ago we inherited a deep freeze due to a move (thanks Grandma & Grandpa!) and the very first thing we did was buy a 1/4 of a local, grassfed, organic cow. The farmers will butcher the cow at the end of January and we’ll fill our freezer in early February! In addition, we’re slowly replacing some things in our fridge and pantry: I’m hoping to make most of our bread, we’re tossing the margarine in favor of butter, and trying to fill our plates with things that I’m ok to share with The Boy. You know, if I took care of myself as well as I try to care for my Boy, I’d be in good shape. He doesn’t eat any junk. Like at all. So measuring my plate through the lens of his will help.
Jessica’s book has been the kick in the pants that I needed to keep momentum building with these changes. She’s made me feel less alone in them, in my desire to make them, and she’s shown me that I can do it too. Click here for the PDF download, or here for the Kindle version. (it’s only $4.99!)

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*I was given a free copy of the e-book for review purposes. All opinions are my very own. Affiliate links used in this post.

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