Did I ever tell you that I started reading when I was two? My mother and I were in the soup aisle at the grocery, and I read the label on the can of tomato soup.

The next thing I read was Little House on the Prairie. No joke.

Since then, books have been an enormous part of my life. When our family would make trips to the library, we’d each bring our own plastic crate to lug home our books. In elementary school, the librarian would give me copies of books she was thinking of purchasing for the library. I’d read them under my desk by the end of the day, then meet her for a snack and to give my feedback.

Now that I’m a grownup, books number in the high hundreds in our home (embarrassing, since I’m currently reading ‘7’, by Jen Hatmaker. If you’ve read it, you know why I’m embarrassed.) and the dozens on my nightstand. I have cookbooks in the kitchen, dining room, family room and entryway. For Christmas I received a Nook e-reader (thanks mom!) and have already read three books and am working on a fourth.

When my Boy was teeny tiny (but sitting on his own) I would surround him with piles of books, hoping he would simply be comfortable with them. Well, he now sleeps with one in his crib, ‘reads’ in the carseat, and brings us his favorite books to read to him (currently they’re Peek-a-Who? and Puppy Boo). That’s right folks – we’re raising a reader. #glorybe


I belong to two online book clubs (From Left to Write and the BlogHer Book Club), am an early-bird reviewer for Gooseberry Patch cookbooks, often receive books from authors for review, and love supporting friends who’ve written e-books. With all that, it had to happen one of these days. All of these wonderful groups have collided this month, and in light of that, I’m officially declaring the next two-ish weeks ‘book week(s)’ on Girl with Blog! 

In the next two weeks I’ll be sharing five fabulous books with you – each one totally different. From real life weight loss, organizing your life, a new slowcooker cookbook, a fictional mystery, and the science of willpower… I told you – tote.a.lly different! And of course there’ll be a little giveaway in there, too. =)

So stick around (please?) and tell me – what do you read, and how? Are you a hardcover lover or a Kindle/Nook/iReader fan? Do you indulge in cheesy romances, love historical fiction, or hoard biographies? 
And how many are on your nightstand? Please make me feel better about my nightstand stacks.

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