I Choose to Love My Life.

How often do we need to think this? Amidst the diapers, laundry, dishes piled high, work left undone, late nights, and hard things… it’s in those moments that we need to we need to choose to love our life.

Designed to be a year-long journey, author and iBloom founder Kelley Thorne Gore (who is a DEAR darling lady, I just love her!) gently guides you through iChoose2 Love my Life by making small changes that really add up. I participated in the iChoose2 Love My Life journey via email last year, before I actually had the book, and loved it. The weekly posts are still up on the iBloom blog – lots of videos and honest encouragement.

I just got the book in October (it was just October a minute ago, right?), so haven’t gotten very far in the year-long journey yet. BUT it’s such a simple way to start making change for good that I’m committed to completing the book in 2013. Instead of looking down a year of looming must-do’s, iChoose to Love my Life offers bite-sized pieces and makes change accessible and not scary.

Each chapter include a single focus, some challenges, coaching assignments, quotes, scripture, journal space and other tools for success. It’s a great addition to my arsenal =) And did I mention that it’s only $10??? You can register for the iBloom New Year’s party and purchase your copy in one click!

The year just began, and I’m going to do my darndest to choose to love my life in 2013.

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*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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