Sitting in our adorable little cabin at camp, I wept. I was miserable and sad and depressed. And there were few things that cheered me up: our new puppy, decorating the house for Christmas, baking treats, and boxes arriving from Gooseberry Patch. Seriously, those boxes full of country coziness were like sweet tea for my thirsty heart. I snatched up this & that from their adorable catalog whenever we could scrape a few dollars together. I started following them on twitter and felt like a ROCKSTAR when they tweeted me back! I only had one of their cookbooks, but I read and re-read it constantly. It wasn’t even in my kitchen – it was on my nightstand.

When we left camp, desperate for something good to happen after a hellish season of loss, I bought two more GBP cookbooks. They started blogging and I started reading. One day, they invited me to guest post on their blog and I wrote about my grandma’s Christmas cookies. The GBP girls called me a ‘breath of fresh air’, and I was over the moon. Eventually, they invited me to be a member of their EarlyBird Review team and I actually squealed. I still can’t believe it when a package arrives from them, and when they email and chat with me on Twitter.

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I share this story because I’m not sure I’ve done a very good job imparting to you, fence friends, what this company – and the women behind it – mean to me. The way they talk about food, inviting women all over the world to contribute to their cookbooks, is inspiring and feeling-inducing. Do you know what I mean? The books actually invoke feelings of cozy, of comfort, of calm. And they represent those things to me, as I was introduced to GBP when I needed those three things the most.

Today I bring you a brand new Gooseberry Patch cookbook, full of comforting and simple recipes. This one is a little different than the usual plastic bound versions, with their sweet handwritten notes and drawings. 101 Stovetop Suppers is illustrated with full-color photographs, giving an excellent view of the recipe before you even make it. photo stovetopsuppers_zpsc3d21c2d.jpg

There are three chapters: Quick & Easy, Slowly Simmered, and Serves a Crowd. Each chapter contains recipes that (mostly) only use one stovetop pot or pan! We made the Skillet Bowtie Lasagna tonight, and it was so easy because I just used one large skillet. WIN. {I’ll post that recipe tomorrow, and two more later on!}

Another thing that made this cookbook a winner was the little movie icon next to several recipe titles. Did you know that Gooseberry Patch is a whiz at YouTube?! They have nearly 300 videos of recipes and cookbooks! And throughout this cookbook, they indicate any recipes that have a corresponding video. So smart!!

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As always, the generous ladies at Gooseberry Patch have sent me a copy of 101 Stovetop Suppers, and another copy for me to send to one of YOU! There are lots of chances to win, including on some of the other Early Birdie blogs:
Suzie QT Pie (open until August 15)
Down on the Farm (open until August 18)

To enter on Girl with Blog, just use the form below. This giveaway will run from August 13 – August 23 (that looks like a long time, but it’s only 10 days!) and is only open to US residents.

Good luck!

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