Friends, they’ve done it again. Our dear Gooseberry Patch ladies have created another cookbook you’re going to want on your shelf. Good-for-You Everyday Meals keeps in true Gooseberry style – same sweet illustrations, same simple & effective tips for entertaining, and same country-style sweetness. BUT where lots of Gooseberry Patch recipes use heavier ingredients and are down-home good, but aren’t very good for you… this one is different.


Ingredients like quinoa, dates, apples, brown rice, whole wheat flour and pastas, fresh vegetables, beans and lean meats show up regularly throughout the whole cookbook.  I’m in love with the last chapter – the Homemade Pantry! It offers from-scratch recipes for pantry staples like catsup, tarter sauce, cream soup mixes and dressings. We’ve been watching our ingredient intake this last year or so, not just reading the label but actually putting items back on the grocery shelf if they include chemicals or other nasties. So to have a resource like Good-for-You Everyday Meals is super handy for me, and even faster than Pinterest =)

This cookbook isn’t limited by season, which is nice. Most of the ingredients are available year round (especially if you’re ok using good, organic canned veggies if fresh aren’t in season). It’s also organized by meal type – breakfasts, soups & breads, mains, desserts, etc. You can ramp up the nutrition by using organic produce and grains, and most of the recipes are quick and easy.

Want a few extra recipes? Take a look:


I’ve been making meals out of Good-for-You Everyday Meals for a couple weeks now, and have a few real winners to share with you over the next 10 days. Which, coincidentally, is how long this GIVEAWAY will last! =) Enter (using the form below) to win your own copy of this brand new cookbook. I just know you’ll love it! And again, I’ll be back and sharing a few meals my family loved. Happy Monday, friends =)

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Fine print: I received a copy of Good-for-You Everyday Meals for review purposes. All opinions are my own. Giveaway only open to US residents. Contest open until March 20, 2014. Winner will be chosen randomly and will have 48 hours to reply to notification email before another winner will be chosen. 



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