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It’s the second of the giveaways! All week I’m giving away books that have spoken hope to me. You can find all the details on this post.


I’ve shared before – I’m a wannabe meal planner. It is not a gift of mine. My gifts lie more in the “oh shoot, it’s 5:00 and I have nothing what do we doooo?” realm. We eat a lot of breakfast for dinner around here. It’s not that I don’t enjoy mealtime, shopping for the ingredients, and the general process – I love it all! I just put it off until about 5:00. Maybe 4:58. Seriously, I have an alarm on my phone that goes off at 4:00pm everyday so I remember to make dinner at NOT 5:00.

But new cookbooks motivate me to pull my junk together. I curl up in bed with new cookbooks and read them like novels. New cookbooks give me hope, because they make meals seem so easy, like I just might be able to toss something together for my family even in the last minute. New cookbooks are my incentive to plan.MomKnowsBest

Mom Knows Best, from Gooseberry Patch, is my new go-to for creative, fast, and non-processed meals. It made me want to get out my cute Gooseberry Patch weekly planner (that I bought JUST for meal planning) and fill it up. With these categories:

Mom Knows Best index

…you’re sure to find just the right thing for dinner. Or lunch. Or dessert. These, from the ‘Sweet Treats’ chapter, are my current obsession and I do not share them. I slap a lid on the extra one and heat it up the next night. Recipes to come from me include Southwest Chicken Skillet (this was so good we’ve added it to our weekly routine.) and Baked Pasta e Fagioli. I’m hoping to share those two with you next week. There were over a dozen recipes I earmarked on my first read through of the cookbook, and you know what my favorite part was? The abundance of fresh, simple ingredients most of the recipes called for (besides the Sweet Treats and the $5-$10 Dinners chapters) I love that their cookbooks, though they’re darling and down-home as can be, reflect that we want to feed our families good, real food. And the occasional sweet treat. =)

Of course I have a copy for one of you. And to sweeten the deal, I just came across an extra 2015 Gooseberry Patch wall calendar to include with the cookbook! I know, it’s April, but these are the cutest calendars. Each month has a recipe and full-color adorable art. Enter using the form below!

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**I received a copy of Mom Knows Best for review purposes. All opinions are my very own. Giveaway open to US residents only and will close April 10th.

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