This season that I’m living in, the one of mothering small children and working from home, is all encompassing. It’s a never-ending todo list. It’s completing a minor task and doing a touchdown dance for finishing something, anything. It’s never having enough hours in the day to accomplish the extras; those things that are not snuggling, kissing booboos, feeding hungry mouths (and again and again), bedtime struggles, pajama parties, reading books, and the other ‘tasks’ that are my priority one.

Anything that saves me time – and these days, money too – is golden in my book. And friends, this is one of my little secrets: I have not purchased cleaning supplies, toilet paper, razors, toothbrushes, facial tissues, napkins, face cream or garbage bags outside of my home in months. Introducing ePantry, your new best friend.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 8.40.09 AM

I’ve mentioned them on Instagram before, but haven’t brought them to you here yet. I found out about ePantry last fall from my friend Jessica and haven’t looked back. They are a small, eco-friendly subscription service who carry only earth friendly household and personal products at a reduced price (be sure to read through to the bottom for a $10 credit and FREE Mrs. Meyers handsoap offer from ePantry!)

ePantry is serious about the earth. For each order placed, they donate 25 sq feet of rainforest, and each shipment is carbon offset. While their commitment is amazing, I love that they carry hard to find scents in my favorite, the Mrs. Meyers line, like the seasonal Cranberry and Orange Clove scents, which sell out at Target. But ePantry? They’ve got ’em. See, here’s my stash:

Photo May 04, 9 38 05 AM

That oughta last me til Christmas. Two other things have me absolutely smitten with ePantry:

1. Their unbeatable customer service. Available anytime, I’ve had swift and personal email replies, free products when another was unavailable, and genuine care shown to my orders. There’s even a pop-up chat box on their website and you can chitchat with a customer service agent while ordering!

2. The ability to fully customize your orders. There’s no minimum after your first shipment, and you completely control what products you order and when you receive them. ePantry sends an email and/or text reminder a week before your shipment is to leave, so you never have to worry about surprises. Some months we’re still stocked up and I don’t place an order and the next month we need a total refill. All good either way.

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ePantry has put together an amazing deal for you, my beloved reader friends. They know many of you are living in the same season that I am, this too busy-to-run-to-the-store-and-who-wants-to-bring-the-kids-anyway season. This week (May 4th-8th) when you sign up for ePantry through my referral link, you will receive a $10 credit to shop with, free shipping, and a free Mrs. Meyers handsoap! 

I mean. That’s like $15+ in freebies.

To see what a great deal this offer is (and to show you examples of their prices), here’s an example basket based on some of my favorites:

GWB Example Basket-1

Retail price: $56.50
Before credits: $38.82
After the $10 credit + free Mrs. Meyers offer: $24.79, making eight products about $3 each! And they’re delivered right to your door, which makes it worth its weight in gold.

Here’s how to sign up:

  • This special, limited-time offer is only available now – May 8th, so sign up using this link.
  • Answer a few easy questions about your home, cleaning schedule, and favorite products (this took me about two minutes.) ePantry uses your answers to get a feel for what you like & to suggest products for future shipments.
  • Customize your basket! This is definitely the most fun part. ePantry will offer suggestions, but to get the best deal be sure to choose the products you love most.
  • Including the hand soap and $10 off, your total must come to at least $20. This minimum is for first-time orders only.
  • Once you have filled your basket, click Finish & Pay. Your free hand soap and $10 credit will already be included.

You just can’t go wrong here, friends. Head to ePantry and nab your free $10 credit and free Mrs. Meyers Hand Soap. Discounted, beautiful products delivered right to your door – perfect for whatever season you’re in.

*referral links used, but I’m bringing ePantry to you here because I genuinely adore them and wanted to share this deal and company with you. I hope you love them as much as we do!

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