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I love cards. I love the weight of them, the way they can speak without words, the way their words can speak for our hearts. I love giving them. I love receiving them. I love wandering in card shops and at racks in bookstores, selecting just the right words for just the right person.

Mother’s Day is a lovely time to send a card, isn’t it? It doesn’t matter if you’re a mother or not, if you have a mother or you don’t, there are people in our lives to be celebrated and these special days remind us to do so. I think Hallmark gets blamed for lots of holidays that can cause hurt – Valentine’s Day, Mother’s and Father’s Day, even Christmas! But what if, instead of allowing hurt to enter our hearts, we simply view the holiday – even if it is ‘made up’ – to remind us to celebrate those in our lives whom we love and don’t thank often enough?

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Mother’s Day can be so very painful. I know. So how about selecting a card for someone you know will be hurting on the day? Your words – the word of that card – may be a life jacket on a day they feel they’re drowning.

If a mom is still in your life, don’t forget her. Or if you’re the grandma, send your daughter or daughter in law a ‘you’re doing an amazing job’ card. Good grief, could that ever make her day. Perhaps it’s a grandparent your children have adopted at church, a neighbor who makes the best cookies and shares them, or a sweet mama to be in your life.

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This weekend, and all of our weekends, let’s use our words to encourage. To speak sweetness and life. To remind someone that they’re not alone. Let’s put our hearts to paper.

To help you do just this, Hallmark would love to bless one of you with a 5-pack of beautiful cards! They may include new selections from their Signature and Shoebox lines. To enter, use the form below. Giveaway open until Saturday, May 9th, and is only open to US residents. 

I was provided a package of cards by Hallmark to use for this post; all expressed opinions are my own.

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