For the last few months my dear wife has been boldly sharing our real life, our messy moments, our honest filter-free happenings, and I love it.  I’ve become so much more aware of the hilarity and absurdity that occurs in our lives and it makes me laugh. It makes me proud of us, and proud of her. I’ve been keeping a little list going, and it’s my turn to do a little confessing.

Here we go!

1. Working from home is wonderful. I like not commuting, I like seeing my kids off and on during the day, I like eating lunch at home. When we cook, or even just throw together a quick lunch, it’s often a family affair. We’ve got a few toys (and also pop cans that apparently double as toys) for them to play with while we bustle about the kitchen. A few days ago the “toy” of choice was a stack of paper plates. Either I’m not wasteful or just lazy because I took this plate directly from its spot on the floor and put my sandwich on it.

2. I’m the dad, I’m suppose to fix stuff, right? Sam loves “guys,” and while he’s sweet and sensitive, he’s also still all boy. So right now there are a number of headless, armless, and footless figures strewn about my desk, waiting for glue fixes. In this one, I was super glueing Prince Hans’ sword back to his hand. So as to not make a mess, I put a piece of paper underneath while the glue dried. Prince Hans now permanently has a piece of this paper stuck to his arm. But the sword is on there! So that counts, right?


3. Quiet is the greatest of novelties right now. There was a text message to Anna last week that read something like, “I’m buying the Paddington movie, completely because I want it to be quiet for an hour. No other reason.”

4. And finally, my greatest accomplishment for the week? Teach my daughter to moo. We shared this on Periscope (which has been really fun for Anna and I to experiment with in the last few weeks.)

That’s all for now, I’ll keep my list going, and maybe join the party again. Make sure to read the other Real Mom Confessions posts if you haven’t, or if you just need to giggle. So what have you got this week? Confess away (or invite your husband to do it!)


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