Three kids is no joke, yo. When solo trips to Target at 11:00pm are akin to a full on vacation, when prayers are snatched between moments of chaos in the van, when four straight hours of sleep is BLISS… it’s a zoo around here these days.

One thing I am committed to reclaiming this year is my faith. I need a new way of worship, of prayer, of finding Him among and amidst the tiny moments I have. It will be a give and take kind of faith, of adding and subtracting that which feeds my heart and brings me to His. I suspect that I’m not the only woman who worships in the small moments. Gone are the weekend retreats, hours of worship late at night, lengthy prayers written in the margins of my Bible.

What’s left when the show, the abundance of time, the extra stuff is stripped away?

Real worship. Real conversation with Him. Real faith in who He is, because I need Him and I want the fruit that is evidence of our relationship deepening.

When I don’t have the luxury of time, all I bring is myself and all I have time to desire is Him.

If you need a moment of worship, may I suggest praise hands held high as you listen to this song? I’m obsessed and can’t stop pressing ‘repeat’.

I mean. “I found my life when I laid it down. I touch the sky when my knees hit the ground…”

*praise hands*

Look for Him in the cracks of your day. Find Him in the love of your kiddos. Talk to Him in the carpool lane shuffle. Worship Him in the chaos. He’s near, friends, and He’s waiting with hands wide open.

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