Over the weekend, we celebrated sweet Josie girl’s 2nd birthday with a bow-themed bash. It was SO MUCH FUN and she loved it! Her birthday is this coming Friday, but I’ll be traveling this weekend {pssss – do you live in the PA area? Wanna come meet me and a few of my (in)courage sisters? I hope you can!} so we had the party early.

My girl is a big fan of her bows. I ordered this for her at Christmas and it was the inspiration for the whole party.


She loves, loves her bows and makes sure her baby sister always has one in her hair too. Apparently at school, Sam looks out for her bows too. It’s very much her thing and I love it.

So for her birthday party, we bow-ed all the things!


The spread. It was so fun! Bowsie pasta, ‘bow-ssaints’, meat + cheese, carrots, chips, and cupcakes. I also served pink lemonade and blackberries. Simple and delicious and all of Josie’s favorite things.


Super easy, kid-friendly ‘bowsie pasta’: Italian dressing + parmesan cheese. The end. After the party I added cherry tomatoes and broccoli and it was delicious.


Yeah, we folded the napkins into bows. Fold in half, pinch in the middle, wrap with washi tape and boom. You got a basket of bows.


I also made that bow wreath! It’s now a decoration in the kids’ room. I had a grapevine wreath in my craft stash, and bought 3 packs of 7 bows – the kind with the alligator clip. I simply clipped the bows in a pattern to the grapevine. Easy and super cute. Josie loved it!


Everyone wore a hair bow or bow tie! It was so fun to see them all. These are all family and a few friends from church:


We’ve never taken a group photo before, but I’m so glad we did! We have basically the same crew at all the kids’ birthday parties, and it’s been something I prayed for, worked for, and give thanks for constantly. {I shared this photo on Instagram and was honest about how community is hard and worth it all at once.}


Oh, my birthday girl. She had the best day of her two year old life and this is the best picture I got of her. Graduation photo board, here this comes 😉

Happy birthday, my Josie girl! I hope you loved your Josie’s Bowsies birthday bash as much as I loved it.

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