Week Two! This week is a nice mix of some personal & family faves, a couple freebie printables, and recent finds that I think you’ll love. Here we go…

friday finds

America’s Test Kitchen Podcast
 I’m super late to the podcast game, but I’ve recently become a big huge fan and this is my very favorite podcast. It’s just under an hour long, and SO FUN! Once when I was listening to an episode, I realized there were still 27 minutes left and I legit cheered. You can tell it’s professionally produced, with several different segments like Test Kitchen Gadgets, listener call in, a featured recipe, celebrity interviews, and more. I especially love the holiday episodes, and one of their latest episodes had an interview with Roald Dahl’s wife, Felicity. Did you know that together they authored two cookbooks full of recipes from his books? (He wrote The BFG, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda and dozens more.) This is my very favorite podcast, friends, and I know you’ll just love it.

Harmless Harvest Coconut Water
This is so cool. My family is new to coconut water, but we’re slowly turning into big fans, especially of the Harmless Harvest brand. They say, “Our ecosystem based business focuses not only on delivering the best organic products to consumers, but also cares for the welfare of the farming communities at the source of the product, and uses sustainable farming practices to ensure a better tomorrow.” I mean. I love this. You can read more of their fascinating story (seriously, it really is fascinating.) They use one single type of coconut, and spent over a year cultivating relationships with the farmers in Thailand who grow them. We’re turning into fans for a few reasons: their coconut water is a little bit pink!, they’re certified Fair for Life (which is even more rigorous than Fair Trade) and they make a caffeinated coffee coconut water. Enough said. Thanks for letting us try this out, Harmless Harvest!

Title Nine and their #bravangelists
Last night I went to Title Nine in Edina, MN for a professional sports bra fitting. I’ll have a full review up on Monday (and there will be a giveaway included!) but wanted to include it in todays finds, because I am so grateful to have found the store and their bravangelists (not even kidding. That’s their job title. #bestever)

Finding Dory
Sam – my 4yo – and I went to a preview of Finding Dory last week, and we loved it! His favorite parts were “The coming home part” at the end, and the 3D glasses we had to wear that “Made things come into the movie theater!” 🙂 My favorite part was two-fold [SPOILER ALERT]:

  • I loved that there was no specifically sad scene. Nothing tragic that I had to explain to my kiddo. Bless you, Pixar, for that. On that same note, there weren’t any crazy scary scenes either, making this a great family movie choice. I’d recommend for 4+.
  • Towards the end, Dory finds her family. In hopes of finding her, her parents have spent years placing trails of shells that lead to their home. It was such a beautiful picture of the way that God leads us to His heart that I teared up in that plush theater seat. He does. He gently places trails in our path, tiny and easy-to-overlook love notes that guide us right to Him, ending in a joyful reunion. It was a beautiful moment in the movie and in my heart.

Overall – Finding Dory was a sweet movie and we liked it a lot! Two thumbs up from us. If you’re excited to see it or have already and loved it, I’ve got a couple fun FREE printables for you! Click the images to download.

Finding Dory Printable Weekly Calendar:

Finding Dory Printable Weekly Calendar

Finding Dory Printable Coloring Sheets:

Finding Dory Printable Coloring Sheets

What finds have made your favorites list this week? I’d love to hear about them! If you have anything you’re in love with lately, shoot me an email or tweet me and I’ll be sure to include your find in this roundup. Happy weekending, friends.

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