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Several years ago, each Friday around here was spent introducing you to some of my favorite people on the Internet. That started to falter, so next I began featuring fun finds from around the internet. Then I started having babies and all semblance of routine flew out the window.

Because three babies in five years.

I’ve so missed writing, but sometimes re-entry = stage fright. In the name of simplicity, of no longer chasing insanity – as defined by doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results – I’m bringing back a plain old for fun series.

Welcome to Friday Finds, right here each week at girl with blog.

A simple, list-type post that features two or three anythings I’m loving that week. That’s it! It may post at night, it may post on Thursday, it may skip a week, and all will be well. We’ll have fun with this, and we’ll remember that fun and laughter are imperative to healthy living. Right? Amen?

Let’s do this!

friday finds (1)

Panera kiosks (and White Passion Fruit Hibiscus Iced Tea)
I’ve been finding myself escaping the crazy at Panera this week. Did I tell you that our house is now officially back on the market? And that the five of us (and the dog) are living in my mom’s spare bedroom? Ahem. Yes. So I’ve been running away – erm, I mean working. I’ve been working. – at Panera a bunch lately, and they have an awesome new timesaver. Their ordering kiosks! Basically, you go up to a tablet on a stand, swipe your MyPanera card (you don’t have to do this, but if you use your card it saves your favorite orders and items!), select your order from the menu, swipe your credit or debit card, and boom. Done. There’s never a line to use them (although now that I’ve spilled their best kept secret, I bet there will be a line 😉 ) and the order comes up super fast. Brilliant. Also, I’ve been loving their White Passion Fruit Hibiscus Iced Tea. It has zero calories and no caffeine, so basically it’s yummy $2 water 😉 BUT it keeps me away from a giant fat-laden caramel latte, so I win.

One Man Band, by James Taylor
This is my current jam. If I write anything worth reading, it’s thanks to this album. It’s just James, his guitar and a pianist, recorded at a live show. Beautiful enough to focus on, quiet enough for background listening. If you like JT like I do, this is a must add to your library.

Jockey Slipshorts
I think I’ve posted about these before (maybe in a past Friday Finds-ish kind of post?) but y’all need a reminder. I’ve actually been getting emails about these from you, so I know they’re a fave! These are NOT spanx-y or slimming. They ARE perfect for preventing chafing and that icky inner thigh summertime rubbing. If you like wearing dresses or skirts, you need a pair or four of these.

The New (in)courage Site!
It’s so beautiful! The design team worked so hard and it paid off. The new space is welcoming, fresh and inviting. There’s a sweet community forum for prayer requests, and it’s just beautiful. You can read all the details and see the new site here.

That’s it for this week.  Ooh, and if you have anything you’re in love with lately, shoot me an email or tweet me and I’ll be sure to include your find in this roundup. Looking forward to another edition next week! Til then, I’ll be at Panera, listening to James, and wearing my slipshorts while browsing (in)courage. Like you do.


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