friday finds (4)

Hello friends! It’s been a month of full days. I shared a bit of their stories earlier, and through them I’ve found a few wonderfuls for you! Let’s get to ’em.

Coloring packs from the Target dollar spot.


These are seriously the BEST items there. They’re small envelopes that include a coloring book, four crayons, and a sheet of stickers. That’s it. But these dumb little packets keep my kids entertained for MINUTES at a time. There are usually several different kinds available so I always grab at least four to have a little stockpile, and I keep two in the car and two in the diaper bag. These have gotten us through many a church service and mini-road trip.

Workbooks from the Target dollar spot.
My 4yo Sam is slated to start kindergarten next fall, of 2017, so I’ve been gathering learning resources to have fun with over this year. He is loving tracing, learning to write letters, connect-the-dots and the like. So when the back-to-school stuff arrived in the dollar section, and they had several pre-k workbooks, I grabbed them up! It’s bringing my heart such joy to see his love of learning grow. These little workbooks are super helpful.

Bounty Paper Towels with Dawn.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 2.22.29 AM

Paper towels with Dawn. In them. Hear me out. As of late, Josie girl prefers to use the potty. She’s a freaking rockstar with it, actually. We discovered that not only does she prefer the toilet to diapers – she prefers the tiny plastic Elmo potty. It needs to be washed out each and every time she uses it. And sister USES it. As I was scrubbing it out the other day, bringing the dish soap up and down again and again, it occurred to me that I had a stash of ‘oops’ paper towels – ones we’d accidentally bought that were infused with dish soap. PERFECT for washing out the potty!

Maybe not the most earth-shattering finds, but this girl swears by each one. What have you found that’s made your life one little bit easier, better, richer lately? I’d love to hear about it! If you have anything you’re in love with lately, shoot me an email or tweet me and I’ll be sure to include your find next week.

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