My shopping isn’t done. My tree is up with like four decorations on it, and that’s IT for decorations. Period. I had to send my husband into the basement abyss to dig through boxes for the teacher gifts that we needed TODAY. And – don’t tell him – last night I realized that I have a couple stocking stuffers for that sweet husband, but that is all. Nothing to go under the tree. Nothing ‘from the kids’. Um. OK.

Basically Christmas is kicking my rear this week.

And while I am ALL about giving yourself a moment to fully soak in and enjoy the fleeting season of wonder, there’s also a moment of GET IT IN GEAR MAMA!! So just in case you’re feeling the same way, I thought I’d share with you the last-minute gifts that are saving the day over here. Some of the links below are affiliate links, which just means that if you make a purchase via a link, I make a small commission, BUT I’m not being paid for telling you about this stuff. That’s all me. Just FYI. 😉


  1. Shepherd on the Search, by Dayspring. This little guy has been with us this month and he’s darling. My kids have loved watching him move around the house (or stay in the same spot for a week because let’s be honest. He did.) And each time they’ve asked about him, we’ve gotten to tell the story of Jesus come down, of Immanuel, God with us. Born in a stable, the shepherds traveled to find Him and we can too. It’s been a simple, sweet and meaningful addition to our Advent. He would be cute even after Christmas, to help remember and remind us about the journey to Jesus, but in the spirit of last-minute… wouldn’t he be sweet under your tree on Christmas morning? Ready to help you share about the birth of Jesus first thing with your kiddos? That’s our plan! There’s still time to get him by then, AND DaySpring is offering FREE SHIPPING until the end of today! Worth it. 
  2. Can You Canoe? Book + CD by The Okee Dokee Brothers. This is a FAVORITE in our house! We actually keep it in the car, because it has the book and the CD so the kids love to read along. The Okee Dokees have been in our kids’ ears since birth, because they are 1) fun, 2) educational, and 3) adorable without being annoying. We actually choose to listen to them because we like them. They’re not your typical kids music and that makes it awesome! 😉

For Mom/Girlfriends/Sisters:

  1. A cozy hoodie from Evy’s Tree. These are my favorite splurge (I wait for the ones I love to go on sale, or I buy them used off Facebook groups) They’re unique, and beautiful, and when I wear one I feel like a million bucks. Even if it’s just been thrown on to go on a kid-chauffeuring spree. They pair well with jeans or leggings, wash nicely, and the fabrics are luxe.
  2. Craving Connection: 30 Practical Challenges for Real-life Engagement, by the (in)courage community. This book truly has the ability to change your life. Each chapter focuses on one author sharing her story of friendship, and her practical, real, simple tips for chasing friendship and for following Him. I’m honored to have a chapter included too! You can get the details in this post, but trust me – this is a great read for yourself and for your friends. 
  3. Really, anything at DaySpring makes a lovely gift. Seriously. I know you know that they have meaningful, beautiful gifts because I’ve yapped away about them for years, but you really can’t go wrong. AND you can send a wrapped gift straight to your loved one! Not only will you receive FREE shipping on every order through tonight (12/19), you can choose to also send it directly to the recipient with beautiful tissue paper and a personalized card from you. Simply choose ‘Gift Presentation’ under Gift Options for the Entire Order at checkout for an additional $5, and your loved ones will have a wonderfully wrapped gift just in time for Christmas. Free shipping on any order ends tonight (12/19).

For Dad/Husband/Brothers:

  1. A JORD Wood Watch. This is one of my favorite gifts that I’ve ever given to my husband. I’ve had a wood watch for over a year now, and every time I wear it I get compliments and questions about it. It’s so beautiful and unique! So my husband, Jared, has had his eye on one ever since I got mine. And this Christmas he’s getting his wish. He works harder than anyone else I know, in all aspects of his life – paid jobs, volunteer positions, and within his family. He’s amazing, and I wanted to give him something truly special and (dare I say) timeless.This wood watch arrived for him, and I’ll be honest – I didn’t make him wait until Christmas. He opened it right away and kind of freaked out, he loved it so much.We took it to a jeweler to be sized, and he’s worn it every day since. The zebrawood is just beautiful, and the cedar box it comes in is STUNNING. Together they’re truly an heirloom-quality piece.
     And to make it even more personal, now JORD offers custom watch engraving! You can choose the type of wood engraving – either the cedar gift box or the watch plate. I chose to have the watch itself personalized for my guy. It took me forever to decide what to have engraved but I finally settled on this: “Love always, ASJC.” If you need that translated, it’s the initials of me and our children – Anna, Sam, Josie and Clara. I love the idea that Jared can wear this engraved gift every day for his whole life.

    JORD is running a shipping special so you can get a wood watch of your own by Christmas too! Order by tonight (12/19) and you’ll get FREE 2-3 day priority shipping. Order by 12/21, and you’ll get FREE express shipping! Either way, Christmas delivery is guaranteed (engraving does extend the order fulfillment, but it’s still an incredible gift without engraving.) AND if you use this link, they’ll email you a $25 gift code to use on your purchase. Amazing gift, and like I said, the favorite I’ve given this year.

  2. Literary Starbucks: Fresh-Brewed, Half-Caf, No-Whip Bookish Humor. I actually got this at the end of the summer and then we moved, twice, and I haven’t been able to find it since then!! BUT I read the whole thing before it got packed up, and it is HILARIOUS. Basically these college kids (local to me, in Minnesota) started a tumblr called Literary Starbucks, where they write brief posts detailing the drinks for authors and characters from literature. It’s awesome. This little book would be a perfect stocking stuffer for a coffee lover! And since it’s on Amazon, use that prime 2-day shipping, baby. Boom. 
  3. And when all else fails… gift cards. ALL THE GIFT CARDS. Amazon. iTunes. Starbucks. Barnes & Noble. A favorite restaurant. I honestly don’t feel that gift cards are copouts. Dude, it’s like free money to spend and who doesn’t like that?!

Ta-da! I hope this little guide is helpful as you finish pulling your holiday celebrations and gifts together, and I really hope it allows you to complete your shopping and take a moment for yourself, to breathe and to focus and to simply enjoy. Merry Christmas week!

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