Last week I yelled at my kids. Like, YELLED. I’d been pushed and pulled til I was thin and they slid right into the cracks of my heart and I yelled.

I literally lost sleep over it.

But the thing is that I lose my temper way, way too often to lose sleep over it each time. And I’m not ok with that.

And that ^^ is the truth. But oh, how often it feels like I blow it, the whole day up in smoke because I lost my temper. I want to throw in the towel, declare myself unchangeable and awful, and hide somewhere with chocolate.

Not really an option when three expectant faces still need lunch.

No one has helped me understand and prepare for my temper more than my friend and (in)courage co-worker, Lisa-Jo Baker. She’s gathered everything she’s learned about taming a mama temper and loaded it into one place and IT IS AWESOME. I don’t share every product, book or website that comes my way, but this program has my heart and I believe it has the power to change our family.

Get the Temper Toolkit and you’ll receive:

  • The material Lisa-Jo’s taught annually at conferences across the country to sold-out audiences of thousands. It’s what she is asked to speak on most regularly. And because she wanted to make it accessible to as many moms as possible (and this is the truth, friends. She’s hardcore passionate about this), she’s packaged up everything she’s learned about temper (the hard way) over the last decade of parenting and everything she’s taught at workshops so moms can put it into practice in their own homes.
  • The Temper Toolkit is a labor of love — a collection of practical strategies, honest stories, and Biblical resources from one mom to another to help you take control of your temper BEFORE you lose it.
    It includes:

    • 7 teaching videos
    • downloadable audio (so you can listen on the go)
    • key takeaways from each lesson beautifully designed as phone lock screens, computer wallpapers or a print (you can choose which format is best to help you take the lessons with you on the go.)
  • There are 5 bonus videos including special videos for how to talk to your husband about your temper journey as well as how to talk to your kids. If our kids also struggle with big feelings, here are some practical ways to help them put words to what they’re feeling. And to help them understand all the potential for good packed into their passionate temperaments.
  • There are beautiful prints you can frame, including one designed for What to Tell That Kid Who is Pushing All Your Buttons. I need that one. In a tattoo. 
  • And finally, you get all this for $29 – the cost of one exhausted drive-through dinner with the kids after a day of meltdowns (with a money back guarantee!)

Lets do this together. Sign up here and let me know that you did (just leave a comment or send me an email), and together let’s tame our tempers before they flare. Let’s keep our homes the safe, welcoming and cozy places our kids (and partners, and WE) deserve.

*The Temper Toolkit is only open through tonight, 2/6, at midnight, so don’t delay!! Links above are affiliate, and I received a free toolkit, but I still would’ve told you about it because it’s that good. Promise. 

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