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On This Season of Sacrifice

My days are patchworked together much like the quilts we use for summer picnics. A moment for writing here, a minute for cleaning up there, a big chunk for work pops up, a few minutes of quiet before someone wakes. This season of raising small children? This season,...

Last day: Free Mrs. Meyers Soap + $10 ePantry Credit

Just a little reminder that today is the LAST day to grab this amazing deal from ePantry! Get a $10 credit to use at ePantry + a FREE bottle of Mrs. Meyers hand soap!  ePantry is a small company, run by real people who hand pack each box and sign the receipt. Really!...

#PutYourHeartToPaper {a Hallmark giveaway!}

I love cards. I love the weight of them, the way they can speak without words, the way their words can speak for our hearts. I love giving them. I love receiving them. I love wandering in card shops and at racks in bookstores, selecting just the right words for just...

On Waiting for the Desires of My Heart

In this technology-driven-and-saturated world, not only do others have things we want, the things they have are displayed for all the see. Book deals aren’t secrets. Beautiful families are posted on walls. Opportunities and great ideas are shared right in public. It...

Real Mom Confessions: the link-up {week 3}

It's that time again. How has it been a week already?! I swear we live in a baby/toddler time warp. Here's what we've been dealing with around here: We recently moved Sam's carseat to the back row in the van, to give him more space. During our Easter weekend roadtrip,...

On the Worst Kind of Mommy War

I weigh more than I ever have before. I wear a bigger size than I ever have before. I have more soft folds than I ever have before. On the last flight I took, while the seatbelt fit fine the sides of the seat nearly left marks on my hips. Sometimes I don't recognize...

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I'm Anna Rendell - social media coordinator at (in)courage, speaker, writer, latte lover. Wife of Jared and mom of Sam (5), Josie (2), and Clara Grace (1). Join me at the picket fence and let's talk real life, real mothering and real encouragement.

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