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on secrets {but really, the lack thereof}

Husby and I really don't have secrets. We practice simple honesty - our concept of saying the hard things, the scary things, the things that really matter, out loud. 5 years of marriage, 2 years of dating/engagement, and knowing him for over 7 years before that -...

on my OneWord365

I have this picture in my head of the girl I want to be. Words that describe her are cozy, confident, spunky, charming, honest, soft, comforting, sweet, perceptive, kind, fierce, smart. The kind of girl that places her hand on your forearm and says she's honestly...

on our Christmas card

From our family to yours, we hope you've had atruly Merry Christmas! We love you. Thank you for being a part of our life. We're grateful and humbled by your reading of my words. Blessings upon blessings to you, friends. A very merry indeed! - Anna, Husby & the Boy...

on this&that: Christmas and OneWord

Christmas came and whizzed by in all it's sweetness. {I just accidentally typed 'sweetmess', which totally works.} People told me a zillion things about being a mom, but no one told me how wonderful it is to be a mama at Christmastime. We had with our...

on newtown & redemption

because i have no words of my own, i'll stay in the lowercase of my heart and share the words of others.---------- Ann Voskamp: The Truth about Sandy Hook: Where is God When Bad Things Happen? If you read one of these links, make it this one. {on Advent and the...

on Sunday Simplicity: a snowy day

The first of many snowy days to come, I hope.-anna{girl with blog} I'd love to make this list of top baby blogs. Just click here or the above icon, then click the owl on the left! anna {girl with blog} ----------

on counting down in Advent

The Christmas season is {finally} here. I sincerely love Christmas, and the Advent that precedes it. To take a season - a month or more - and focus on being still, waiting, watching, being hopeful, anticipating the coming Christ child... it's a lovely thing.We've...

on And versus Or

It’s not like me to not post here in two weeks. That breaks my own social media ‘rules’, the ones I teach churches to use. I tell them to post at least once a week so it doesn’t get ‘cobwebby’ in their space. Can you see the spiderwebs building up in the corners here?...

On Traveling by Air with Baby

Last month we went on a 5-day trip with The Boy that included two plane rides, a shuttle and a hotel. Each way. You know that my darling Boy never sits still has energy to spare, is quite vocal, and doesn't love to sleep. Not a great combination for plane rides. I was...

On Being Intentional in Community

Let's talk. After Sam was born, I had a hard time. The ridiculous math of extreme sleep deprivation + unhealed body = a new mama coming apart at the seams. I was trying to figure out how to be a mom, wrapping my brain around this new precious gorgeous baby that was...

on the Very Best Ever Pumpkin Bread recipe

Oh, this season. This wonderful season in all of its cozy glory has returned, the autumn colors given way to the early darkening of the evening. Bare branches brush the dim sky, and there's more than a chill in the air. Halloween decorations meet Christmas decor in...

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