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On That Which Goes Unspoken

My first pregnancy ended in my living room, then in a hospital surgery, at 11 weeks. My second pregnancy is now Sam, my incredible, tender, strong, sweet, inquisitive 4 year old. My third pregnancy ended at 8 weeks while sitting in the parking lot of our church. I...

Josie’s Bowsies Birthday Party!

Over the weekend, we celebrated sweet Josie girl's 2nd birthday with a bow-themed bash. It was SO MUCH FUN and she loved it! Her birthday is this coming Friday, but I'll be traveling this weekend {pssss - do you live in the PA area? Wanna come meet me and a few of my...

I’m here. I’m well. I’m covered in babies.

Hi friends. Like I said, I'm back. I'm here. I'm well. I'm covered in babies. We've made it through the 'round the clock newborn phase. We're all the way into the real live baby phase. This one is now 5 months old. She is rolling and drooling and coo-ing and grinning....

Not Every Good Thing is a God Thing

When I read Priscilla's words on Sabbath in "Fervent" on idols, on motivation and agenda, my heart sank a bit as the truth rose to the surface. My mind flashed to a scene that repeats itself far too often in my real life: A cooing baby girl in her carseat placed on...

On Embracing Rest {Part 3}

This is the third post in a three-part series on Embracing Rest. It's been wonderful talking about the ways in which we can embrace rest even in this full and busy season of our lives! In case you missed the other two posts, here they are: Part 1 Part 2 So how do you...

On Embracing Rest {part 2}

This is the second post in a three-part series on Embracing Rest. In case you missed it, here's Part 1. So why do we resist rest? Rest isn’t just for stressed out busy people; rest is for the everyday people whose lives are full of good things. Rest is for the people...

On Embracing Rest {part 1}

My life right now is not very conducive to embracing rest. My life right now is not very simplified… but I’m craving both rest and simplicity. Rest does not equal sleep. Rest is defined in several ways, and yes – sleep is one of them – but the definition of rest also...

A Moment of Worship

Three kids is no joke, yo. When solo trips to Target at 11:00pm are akin to a full on vacation, when prayers are snatched between moments of chaos in the van, when four straight hours of sleep is BLISS... it's a zoo around here these days. One thing I am committed to...

My One Word for 2016

For the last few years, a word has found me. Just one word to focus on, not a list of resolutions or even goals. (2013, 2014, 2015) But this year I floundered. I didn't think there was a word that could encompass all that I felt I needed - wanted - to focus on this...

Scenes From Being Five

It's been over a month since we talked, and I missed you! But I'm not gonna lie - what I've been up to has been much sweeter than typing or writing or talking. We've been snuggling and celebrating and adjusting and chasing and not sleeping. Here's a peek as we end...

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I'm Anna Rendell - social media coordinator at (in)courage, speaker, writer, latte lover. Wife of Jared and mom of Sam (5), Josie (2), and Clara Grace (1). Join me at the picket fence and let's talk real life, real mothering and real encouragement.

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