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on Samuel Robert: 11 months

Oh my. This is the last monthly update before I start counting in years, before we start to have 'last year's, before we do things for the second time... Pardon me while I cry a little bit. {sniff sniff}Who does that kid think he is, growing up and stuff?!Speaking:Did...

on the best & worst of pumpkin coffees

When it comes to pumpkin spice coffee, there are a TON of options. Creamers, flavored coffees, syrups, lattes, straight pumpkin... kidding =) However, despite availability, not all are created equal. Some capture the pumpkin spice essence, and others are just gross....

on the Very Best Ever Pumpkin Bread recipe

Oh, this season. This wonderful season in all of its cozy glory has returned, the autumn colors given way to the early darkening of the evening. Bare branches brush the dim sky, and there's more than a chill in the air. Halloween decorations meet Christmas decor in...

on pumpkins and coffee and a giveaway!

I love all things pumpkin. From the actual gourd to scented candles, lattes to breads... sign me up. But in my pumpkin loving journey, I've found some serious discrepancies from brand to brand on all of the above items. Some lattes are just better than others (at...

on the dirty word that rusts out my heart

Tonight, while I was right next to him, my Boy fell against the toilet (out of the mouths of moms, right?!) He was crying, and I kept telling him that he was fine, but later I saw that his eyelid was red and puffy =( He must've bumped it when he fell, but I didn't see...

on #gracosafety and car seats

We bought our very first infant car seat off of Craigslist. my baby coming home from the hospital. which happened yesterday, right? I know how that sounds, I do. But before you leave a lecture in the comments, know that it was a really cool and safe thing. The...

on grace and caffeine

Oh my dear friends in this here computer. Thank you for your sweet comments on Husby's vlog post. You bless me, you know that?! Y'all made me teary and grin-ny all day long yesterday. Thank you. ps - by posting that vlog he was entered in a drawing for an iPad, which...

What if she wouldn’t have? (Allume 2012 Blog Hack!)

Hey all. This is the boy with girl with blog.First things first. Thanks. You've been incredible to my wife and for my wife. You've had impact, been lifelines, and helped heal. On behalf of our family, thank you.This family is just a couple of days away from hopping on...

on Friday Friends

I have something fun to tell you. The other day I mentioned that I'd be contributing to a new blog, and that my first post there was a doozie. Well friends, the day is here. I'm thrilled to be a brand new contributor at Must Love God! The site is full of posts from...

on self care

Sometimes I think I have myself convinced that the absence of tears is strength. That answering 'fine' is a good thing. That if I don't love fully, deeply, there will be less of myself to hurt. What a crock.----------The other day I wrote a very difficult piece. It's...

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