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day fiftee – whatever!

sorry nablopomo, i lose. i don't do real well with discipline (as noted by my widening hips, my ability to drop $20 bucks with each visit to target, and my dozen half-full journals), so i'm really not surprised that i've missed a few days/posts. despite the haphazard...

day fourteen

so it's not even thanksgiving week, but since the day after halloween Christmas has hit the market. hard. and i'm not proud, but i am a sucker for the season. yesterday, a local radio station started playing all Christmas music, all the time. and it snowed (just a...

day thirteen (covering my butt)

oops. forgot to post last night. well, until i crawled into the warm toasty bed. then i remembered, and chose to stay put. will post again later (for actual day 14). right now, it's off to *bucks and then to target for the release of the sampler, to work, mtg at the...

day twelve

Husby came home from a jog to glc and said he had a present for me! before handing it to me, he prefaced it with "this isn't a hint, but could be a good way to jumpstart our working out." then he hands me this tape. no joke - dance workout with barbie. just what i...

day eleven

so this whole nablopomo deal... losing steam, people. i missed a day, my life is boring, and this blogger is confusing. i like the lightblog site better (it looks easier to work). i think i'm ticked cause i can't just do what i want to do here, but know that i don't...

day 10

so i can add it as my profile pic. i'll figure this blogger out yet!aer anna {girl with blog} ----------

day nine

a clean house. ahhhhh. this is half the living room, the "office", and the dining room. and they call it a one bedroom apartment! amazing how your perception of life changes when your house is in order. now i get it, mom!aer anna {girl with blog} ----------...

day eight

not gonna make it in by midnight tonight. still counts for the 9th though, right? yeah, i'm saying it does. not much today. thinking lots about this new chapter of life. i love new things - new year's eve, new months, monday morning newness, new journals, new books,...

day seven

the big shebang is over. phew!! with the lead singer having a baby (well, his wife), one band member on crutches & one asking for cough drops, a half hour late start, irate moms, humongous speakers, and with between 200-250 people showing up, it was quite the shebang....

day 6

just pooped tonight. guess it's leftover from babysitting someone else's 4 children (all under 10) for a couple days, learning about Husby's child caring style, not sleeping all that well, and working around 10+ hours a day (but knowing i'm getting paid for half those...

oops (i.e. day 5ish)

so much for everyday. dear Husby and i were playing parent for 4 beautiful kids last night and today. and i'm pooped. not as pooped as DH. he's in bed as i type. just wanted to get my post in for the day(s). sorry to the readers... though i'm sure you're doing just...

day four

oh sunday... its been funny how the word feels as a sunday employee at a church. sundays are no longer reserved for church, supper with family, and the paper. now sunday is another work day - which i start with worship, but still. i've never been good at "switching...

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