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On Lent and the Ways I Will be Observing It

I've been in a kind of ugly place lately, a place of quiet cynicism and selfishness. I've simultaneously deferred and coveted the spotlight. The chip on my shoulder is breaking off in pieces, the seed of my secret cynic taking root and spreading like ivy on a stone...

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On the Grace in Beauty

A few weeks ago I got asked when I was due. I smiled and kindly said, I'm not. And you know, my feelings weren't very hurt because frankly, I didn't blame the person who asked because if I'm honest, my belly looks poochy enough to be holding a baby. My belly has...

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On One Word 2015

I wasn't sure I'd have a word for this new year. My words had found me by January 1st in 2013 and again in 2014, but this year I was coming up dry. Several swirled around my head but not one settled into my heart. Until last Friday. On Fridays, we like to have 'Friday...

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On Fighting Faceless Bullies

This business of sharing your heart online is tricky. In my seven (!!!) years of writing here, there have been a few roadblocks. Things other than time, technology, and topics. Those things are everchanging and rotating, but not new. No, these are roadblocks that...

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On What We’ve Welcomed in 2014

We've welcomed family & friends into our home new friends into our lives potty training into our days I've welcomed a precious baby girl! sweet, smooshy, baby snuggles a bigger jean size and sleepless nights We've welcomed new jobs at new companies (details soon)...

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On the Top Ten of 2014

I kind of love taking a peek back at the years end. The girl who began 2014 is different than the girl who is finishing it stronger, more secure, softer. This place, this sweet virtual picket fence, has been a tool for my iron to be sharpened, for my words to be used...

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On Fresh Mercy and Quiet Grace

Each day begins white as snow. Each day gives us a do-over. Each and every day starts with fresh mercy and new grace. Guilt doesn’t have to enter the picture. There’s no big party to welcome a new day, no sparkly orb or bands playing, no confetti tossed. New days dawn...

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