I never thought this would be my next post.

We lost our baby this week. I miscarried. I bled so much as we drove to the ER that we stopped at another ER. At the intended (second) ER I had two pelvic exams (the first of which involved forceps and was horrendous), a couple IV’s, some morphine for the pain, and an immediate D&C surgery.

We were back home within 12 hours of me waking up in a pool of blood.

It was the single most awful and horrific day of our lives.

Yesterday we put all the brand new baby clothes that were supposed to go on our baby in 6 months in a cedar chest. My mom crocheted a tiny hat, mittens, a sweater…

We have hope that those clothes will go on another baby.

People have been praying for us, and sending words of support and encouragement. We can feel the prayers. The peace that makes no sense (aka “the peace that passes understanding”) is entering our hearts as we grieve. So I selfishly ask for your prayers to keep coming.

Our hearts hurt through the hope that pierces them.

Greetings friend, welcome to the fence...

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