It’s that time again. How has it been a week already?!
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I swear we live in a baby/toddler time warp. Here’s what we’ve been dealing with around here:

  1. We recently moved Sam’s carseat to the back row in the van, to give him more space. During our Easter weekend roadtrip, we would gently toss baggies of snacks to him. He thought it was hilarious. // Last week, Grandpa got into the van with us for a trip, and Sam piped up from the back, “When I sit back here, Mommy and Daddy throw things at me.” *face palm*
  2. Josie found a piece of blue sidewalk chalk. She thought it was delicious.
    Josie chalk. #realmomconfessions
  3. I made two meals over the weekend and that was the last time I cooked. We’ve been having leftovers  and cereal like whoa.
  4. Because always laundry: The baskets of clean clothes have been parked in our room and the kids’ room for WEEKS. Even the babysitter knows to pull clothes out of the baskets and not even try the dresser.
  5.  The tiny people in our house don’t sleep much. At least not at the same time. So we are long over the ‘what you’re supposed to do to nurture sleep’ stuff. We all sleep where we can, when we can. Like this:

floor sleeping #realmomconfessions

Oh, there are more, but I’ll save them for next week. Til then… gimme what you got. 

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