I’m a total spreadsheet geek. Since learning the beauty and ease of Google Docs + Drive, I use them for everything and I invite my husband to them too.

Why should our Christmas be any different?!

Here’s how I lay my spreadsheet out:

  1. I create a table form with the names of each person we want to include in our gift giving at Christmas. This includes family, extended family who will be in town over the holidays, and kids’ teachers.
  2. Next, the column beside their name is for listing their gift(s), and the final column is for notes. I like to list ship by dates if I have to mail the gift, the website if it still needs to be purchased, color preferences, etc.
  3. Finally, when it’s set up I invite my husband to view and edit the document. I know he can see it on his phone if necessary, and it’s perfect for us since he’ll likely be the one running most of our errands in the next month because mama’s way too pregnant. =)

Simple and effective. A money saver because you don’t double up on purchases. A brain-space saver because you’re keeping track of all the gifts, ideas, shipping, etc.


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Greetings friend, welcome to the fence...

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