On Waiting for the Desires of My Heart


In this technology-driven-and-saturated world, not only do others have things we want, the things they have are displayed for all the see. Book deals aren’t secrets. Beautiful families are posted on walls. Opportunities and great ideas are shared right in public. It can get really hard to see others living lives — or parts of their lives — that we want. But. Is it the book deal what we really desire? Do we really want that opportunity, that podcast, that level of internet fame? Sure, but I Continue Reading

Real Mom Confessions: the link-up {week 3}

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It's that time again. How has it been a week already?! I swear we live in a baby/toddler time warp. Here's what we've been dealing with around here: We recently moved Sam's carseat to the back row in the van, to give him more space. During our Easter weekend roadtrip, we would gently toss baggies of snacks to him. He thought it was hilarious. // Last week, Grandpa got into the van with us for a trip, and Sam piped up from the back, "When I sit back here, Mommy and Daddy throw things at Continue Reading

On the Worst Kind of Mommy War

The worst mommy war is the one we wage

I weigh more than I ever have before. I wear a bigger size than I ever have before. I have more soft folds than I ever have before. On the last flight I took, while the seatbelt fit fine the sides of the seat nearly left marks on my hips. Sometimes I don't recognize my own face in the mirror. But today my son barreled into the office where I was working, clutching a bouquet from the grocery store. He'd picked it out himself, saying "I have to get mommy these pretty flowers!" And though he Continue Reading

Real Mom Confessions: the link-up {week 2}

#realmomconfessions on girlwithblog.com

And we're back. You guys, this week was a doozy. Without all the details, it's been full of solo parenting, evening commitments, daytime commitments, getting behind on work and sleep, overwhelming good things, but also feeling like everyone else is soaring past with cool things while I struggle to catch up to mine... you know. The usual. I'm hosting two events this weekend and the dog thought this would be a great week to start scratching her fur off in clumps, which is extra fun as the vacuum Continue Reading

{book giveaway #4} Savor, by Shauna Niequist

Savor by Shauna Niequist giveaway at girlwithblog.com

I loved this collection of books, and I love that several of you will receive one of them. It's been so fun sharing why they give me hope, and hearing about the hope that you have, and reading your recipes, and it was just a lot of fun! I have one more book to tell you about and bless someone with, and friends, it's a good one. Savor, by Shauna Niequist, is the only daily devotional that has captured my attention in years. I have a pretty high bar and a low tolerance for cheesy, and Savor Continue Reading

{book giveaway #3} Women are Scary: The Totally Awkward Adventure of Finding Mom Friends, by Melanie Dale

Women Are Scary, by Melanie Dale giveaway at girlwithblog.com

We live in a large suburb just south of Minneapolis, Minnesota, not far at all from where I grew up. This fall will mark our 5th anniversary of living in our home here, and I finally have friends. Like real life, go hang out with, do stuff together, text just because friends. It took years - literal years - and a lot of hard heart work to make these friends. I knew I had to be intentional with it, and my introverted, let them come to me heart was way out of my comfort zone. But oh, is my life Continue Reading