22 weeks: A Bumpdate !


22 weeks. Over halfway (probably). It's coming, folks. This baby's a-coming. I mentioned recently on Instagram that we're expecting lots of change this coming year. Like a lot. We're hoping to move very, very soon. We'll welcome this baby this fall. We'll have three kids three and under for a while. And with each of those huge changes come a myriad of small, everyday changes. Uff da. But while it probably should be overwhelming, and will be in the months to come, it's not right now. Not Continue Reading

When Self-Care Looks Like Iced Tea & Earrings

Small Self Care | girlwithblog.com

Last week on Facebook I saw a picture that you've all probably seen too: someone sitting by a pool, book in hand, toes against blue water, and captioned 'self care'. I straight laughed, because earlier that SAME day I'd had my 21 week OB visit. It was our long ultrasound, about an hour, and the whole thing was wonderful. The part that made me laugh, though, was that on the drive home I told my husband that it had felt like a break. And that it's probably not healthy when a visit to the Continue Reading

A Standing Ovation for You

You deserve to be celebrated, thanked,

I watch the Bachelorette. And the Bachelor. It's my brain candy and while I'm sure it rots my synapses like cavities in tooth enamel, I can't quit. It's a little like a train wreck that I can't look away from, drawn in while holding my hands over my eyes because it's just. so. bad. Last night was the 'Men Tell All' episode, where all former participants from the season gather to rat out each other and put on a front for the girl who dumped each of them. This season has been particularly Continue Reading

On Hard Days and Do-over Grace

On Hard Days and Do-over Grace at girlwithblog.com

Today (yesterday, now) was a hard, hard day. We had a full beautiful weekend, attending a wedding and two days at family camp. We made memories and chose not to pick lots of battles. We allowed candy and late-night movies. Sam got to sleep on the top bunk and jump on the lake trampoline, worship on the beach and tie-dye for the first time. It was full and beautiful and now we're detoxing from it all. My husband and I are both traveling this week, the week patchworked together with us Continue Reading

Maternity Stitch Fix -ing a 20-week Baby Bump

Maternity StitchFix-ing at girlwithblog.com

Last week I stood in front of my closet and threw things onto the floor. The piles of clothes grew much as I'm doing as I grow this baby. I'm tired of weeping in my bedroom, Sunday mornings ruined because of my vanity and a closet-full of clothes that don't fit - and this happens whether I'm pregnant or not. Two Easters ago we nearly missed church because I was crying over my clothes. Who does that?! And I'll be damned if I raise my daughter to think it's ok to pitch such fits over CLOTHES. Continue Reading

Peanut Butter Cups, Hoarder Laundry & Booties: #realmomconfessions


Real Mom Confessions. I'm exhausted and diving right in ;) 1. I downed a package of dark chocolate peanut butter cups (God bless Trader Joe's) after telling my kid he could have watermelon for dessert. 2. I felt like a rotten mom today. I'm tired and cranky and whiny and behaving on the inside like my 3yo on a rough day. Comparison has gotten the better of me, and so has feeling left out, and so has being overwhelmed by the scope of huge projects. Hence the peanut butter cups. And today my Continue Reading