on the orchid that has been telling my story

Last year, after we lost our third baby, a dear friend of mine gave me an orchid. It had several blooms on it already, and the directions said to simply water it once a week. At the time, the gift itself was meaningful. After all, my love language is 'being thought of', and she had taken the time to send flowers at a time of grief. But as time went on, the meaning transferred to the care-taking of the plant itself. My grandma always had lush gardens, veritable carpets of begonias and huge Continue Reading

on (in)courage: the fence meets the beach house


I have some fun news, friends. Like God-sized dream, hugenormous, fun news. And of course it starts with a story.  Nearly five years ago, I sat in a cold, empty office building with a heart that matched. My husband and I lived hundreds of miles away from our family & friends, the baby we so badly wanted wasn't coming, and life was a little bit sad for me. I logged onto this new thing called a Twitter party, and immediately felt connected to something larger than myself. I was able to talk Continue Reading

on Five Minute Friday: writer


Linking up again with Five Minute Friday at the lovely Lisa-Jo Baker‘s.The rules: write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking. Hop over to her place to find out the full scoop behind FMF, and to visit other posts that were freely written in just five minutes. This weeks prompt: WRITER GO: When I was a little girl, I wanted to write. I read all the stories I could get my hands on, went to young authors conferences in a schoolbus, and etched page after page Continue Reading

on the superhero cape you each deserve


Oh mama. It's been one of those days, hasn't it. The kind where sleep and patience are thin, toddler tempers are raging and so is your headache. You want to sit down for exactly three minutes and refuel, but that's nie to impossible with small people clamoring around your legs begging to watch Elmo. You see a post on Facebook about someone else's day of perfection and you kind of want to smack the poster, then guilt washes over you. The crumbs on the kitchen floor have bred over naptime and now Continue Reading