on Easter and 39 weeks

Mommy and Sam, Easter

Yesterday did not start out well. Yesterday started with a total, epic-sized mama meltdown because I didn't have an Easter dress that fit me. At 39 weeks pregnant, I was upset to not have some perfect pastel-colored Easter dress. Ahem. #hormones Needless to say, the morning was less than lovely. We missed services at our church because of my temper tantrum, had to explain to my toddler that mommy was sad but ok, and my poor Husby was dragging every piece of clothing out of the closet trying Continue Reading

on Peeps! {yep, the candy}

Photo Apr 04, 9 40 17 PM

When this box arrived at our house last week, it was a happy dance kind of day. I've always loved Peeps - you know, the sugary coated marshmallow bunnies and chicks? I know, I have six year old taste. BUT Peeps have grown up a little bit, and you can do more than eat them too! We sampled a few, of course, and my favorites are the Peepsters! They're little truffle-like, individually wrapped chocolates filled with marshmallow creme. YUM. I also really like the chocolate-dipped chicks. You need Continue Reading

on 38.5 weeks {a #girlwithbaby update}

38 weeks

So I'm almost done being pregnant. I can't even... The next time I post an update it could be about baby, while I'm holding him or her. UNREAL. Symptoms: - Contractions: more in the evening. Enough to take my breath away, but can talk/walk through. - Pubic bone pain during the night/early morning - No sleep, really. Just too much potty time and too hard to get comfortable. - Full on and embraced the waddle. - Baby for sure dropped; breathing is easier, there's the waddle, and if my Continue Reading

on the orchid that has been telling my story

Photo Apr 16, 8 05 34 AM

Last year, after we lost our third baby, a dear friend of mine gave me an orchid. It had several blooms on it already, and the directions said to simply water it once a week. At the time, the gift itself was meaningful. After all, my love language is 'being thought of', and she had taken the time to send flowers at a time of grief. But as time went on, the meaning transferred to the care-taking of the plant itself. My grandma always had lush gardens, veritable carpets of begonias and huge Continue Reading