For the Mom Who Needs Prayer :: community prayer requests

Community Prayer Requests | 31 Days of Mom Prayers

We’ve been praying a lot. I still wish I could really pray with you. Sit down right in your living room, listen to you speak your heart, and then pray. Right there, in the middle of your everyday, really with you. But instead of a couch, we have this here fence. So let's meet where we can. Leave your prayer requests right here, on the fence. I promise to pray for each and every one, and you can pray for one another too. Let’s call this one ‘for the moms who need prayer’ =) Continue Reading

For the New Mom (Day Twenty-Nine :: 31 Days of Mom Prayers)

31 Days Of Mom Prayers |

Dear Lord, I have never been so exhausted in my life. My head feels like it's in a vice, coffee doesn't stop my eyes from closing, and I'm not actually sure I'll sleep more than four minutes in a row ever again. I haven't showered in days, this shirt is covered in dog hair and spit-up, and my house looks like a bomb went off. I have never had so many feelings either; it's like they are all happening in waves and rolls and sometimes I just cry. Like a lot. For no reason. I know life will even out Continue Reading

On a $20, 20-Minute Olaf Costume (a tutorial!)

20 Minute $20 Olaf Costume

I've known for months that Sam would be Olaf from Frozen for Halloween. He just adores that little snowman, and I thought I could find an Anna or Elsa dress for my Josie girl (which I did. And oh my. I can't wait to show you trick-or-treating photos!) While I have absolutely zero problem buying a costume, I knew I would make this Olaf one for a single reason: I am super weird about character costumes because invariably, all the features of the character's face end up on the hood or hat of the Continue Reading

For the Mom who Needs a Reminder that Beauty is in Her (+ a giveaway!)

Lord, I feel like I am a shell of the woman I used to be. My last shower was Friday. My most often-used accessories are spit-up or cheerio dust. The clothes that used to make me feel trim now make me appear six-months pregnant. I had a recent haircut, but haven't styled it since then. It's a rare day that I do myself up, and when I put on jeans this weekend my son asked if we were ready to run errands now. He knows getting dressed = going out, but I think I want him to know that getting dressed Continue Reading