For the non-Pinteresting Mom (Day Twenty :: 31 Days of Mom Prayers)

Oh Lord, My kids are talking about the amazing Bento boxes their friends had today at lunch, and don't get me started on the homemade Halloween costumes they're saying their friends [moms] are putting together. I have no clever DYI'd area of my homes, and I use cookbooks for meals. My Pinterest boards are dreams, and I'm slowly learning that that's ok. Even though I pin it, I don't have to complete it. And I definitely don't have to make things Pinterest-perfect to be a good mom, or to think of Continue Reading

On Sky Zone Minneapolis (a BOGO deal!)

SkyZone BOGO

Local friends: Have you heard of Sky Zone? It sounds like SO much fun! Indoor trampolines galore, just made for wearing out the kiddos =) There are no age limits - they say if kids can walk, they can jump! Here's a little about them, from them: "Sky Zone is the ideal combination of Fun and Fitness, appropriate for almost any age or ability level! Soar sky high on our main court, try your best trick into our foam pit, or challenge your friends in trampoline dodgeball, the sky is the limit! Continue Reading

For the Weekend (Day Seventeen :: 31 Days of Mom Prayers)

31 Days Of Mom Prayers |

Dear Lord, It’s the weekend! While that may not mean sleeping in anymore, it’s still a time meant for relaxing, rest and fun. Lord, will you help me really be in the thick of it all, able to enjoy my kids? It’s hard not to dive into the projects that have waited for my attention all week when I know these kids have done the same. Make the dust bunnies fade into the background, the errands and chores zip by, and the time with my family sweet. Give us rest, even though that may look different than Continue Reading

For Strength on the Hard Days + a Guest Vlog (day 16 :: 31 Days of Mom Prayers)

31 Days Of Mom Prayers |

Dear Lord, Today is a hard day. Nothing big, just lots of little things all adding up to a stinker of a day. And the guilt that comes with the weary, heavy-laden onto myself. "The days are long but the years are short", they say. I know they are. I know. I'm living them. And that's why the guilt, because I should be enjoying the days. Today, on this hard day, Lord, help me to embrace it. Open my eyes to see that the day will end, the memories will remain, and the strength to make them sweet. Continue Reading