On Hope in Words: book giveaways!

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I mentioned on Facebook the other day that things in our lives have gotten a little heavy lately. Nothing huge, just big decisions and little irritations and late nights and early mornings and some sadnesses in the lives of people around us. It's Holy Week right now, the sad and awful mingled with holy hopeful, and it feels right to bank on hope.  By nature, I have a bend towards not hope. I play out worst case scenarios in my head on endless loop. I can't help it, and though I try to hang Continue Reading

On Chocolate and the Everyday Kind of Hard Days


Some days are hard. Some days are pretty literally didn't stop moving, chasing after children hard. Some days are boneweary exhausted, didn't drink enough water hard. Some days are work isn't done, riding the hamsterwheel hard. Some days are cry in the shower hard. Some days are just because, nothing specific, grey skies in the heart hard. // I've had a few of these lately. Call it a funk, tell me I need a mommy's time out, or give me an essential oil to sniff. All these Continue Reading

On Lifting the Veil of Perfection {on (in)courage today}


It takes someone to lift the veil of perfection, going first with their story that says their life is otherwise. You who do this are the brave women, the beautiful everyday warriors, the ones who makes space, and it may make all the difference to the woman you pass in the hallway at work, the preschool pickup, the church fellowship hall. Her story may say: I’m not perfect I’m a mess My life has more laundry than devotional time I think I’m drowning in my not enough ...and you may Continue Reading

on celebrating the everyday

If gratitude is our lens, joy will be

Last weekend we celebrated Sam's three full weeks of being diaperless. He's amazing, y'all. And we are button-bursting proud of him, so last Sunday we celebrated. Donuts and a trip to the zoo marked the occasion. He had his first corndog, more treats than I care to admit, and fell asleep that night in a sugar-induced toddler coma. While it wasn't baby Josie's first trip to the zoo, it was the first where she was interested in what was happening around her. She sat beautifully content in Continue Reading

on the shirt that swung open the gate of my heart


I got a new sweatshirt in the mail yesterday. It's persimmon (pretty much orange), with quilted sleeves and a big collar and gorgeous fabric and it's overall lovely. I put it on and zipped it up and fell a little bit in love. For a minute I wasn't worried about how far my belly stuck out. For a minute I felt good. For a minute, I didn't feel like the size that I am. For a minute I didn't let the size that I am dictate how I felt. I have been pregnant four times in as five years. Two of Continue Reading

Just Writing: potty training edition 1


Everytime I lose my bloggy-writing mojo, I feel like I have to re-enter with a deep, spiritually significant, poignant comeback post with a beautiful pinnable graphic and scheduled tweets to promote. Our family's coming off a week of awful illness, I'm overwhelmed in a few ways, and I'm just plain coming to realize... ...ain’t nobody got time for that kind of writing right now. You guys, I just need to write. JUST. WRITE. And not worry about who think what of the letters my fingers tap Continue Reading