On Taming My Tongue

the taming of an honest tongue takes

It was late. I was tired and pregnant-sick and tired of being pregnant-sick. The text was a last-straw kind of deal and I snapped, in the way you're able when it's 'just' keys and screen. Our friendship hasn't been the same since. The meeting took a turn I hadn't expected. I felt undermined and not listened to and small. I raised my tone and said I disagreed in no uncertain terms. Her eyes rolled and her tone went up a notch to match mine, and the meeting ended with a frosty Continue Reading

Real Mom Confessions: Hacked! #realdadconfessions


For the last few months my dear wife has been boldly sharing our real life, our messy moments, our honest filter-free happenings, and I love it.  I've become so much more aware of the hilarity and absurdity that occurs in our lives and it makes me laugh. It makes me proud of us, and proud of her. I've been keeping a little list going, and it's my turn to do a little confessing. Here we go! 1. Working from home is wonderful. I like not commuting, I like seeing my kids off and on during Continue Reading

17 weeks: a Baby #3 Update

17wk Collage

17 weeks. Along we go! On our way to three babies. I think we're still trying to wrap our minds around it all, and aside from hoping the sickness fades quickly, we are just so very excited we can't stand it. I haven't done any kind of update for you yet, and seeing as we're all the way into the 2nd trimester, it's time =) A quick 1st trimester recap: sick and tired. Tired and sick. Sick some more. Sick all the time. Ate a lot of soup, saltines, and pbj's, and drank orange juice, sierra mist Continue Reading

I’m a Summertime Scrooge. {Real Mom Confessions: summer edition}

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I’m a summertime Scrooge. Amidst the glowing summer bucket lists, pins of summer fun, the smell of sunscreen and late-night bonfires, I'm a total Scrooge. I so, so much prefer fall or even winter to summer. I know. Scrooge. Go ahead, bah humbug away, then let me tell you why with my real mom confessions, summer edition. 1. I hate being hot. When you're hot, it's so so hard to cool down! When you're cold, you can layer up until you're warm. When you're hot, you can only remove so many layers ;) Continue Reading

Stop Waiting to Be Ready.


I’ve heard the “wait till you’re ready” argument used for getting married, buying a home, changing careers, and having or not having children. These are huge things! Of course there are financial matters to consider. Of course there are steps to take before diving into some things. But in all these situations and more, being ready shouldn’t be a deciding factor. There are some things that we simply cannot be ready for, and that is okay because it leaves us open. This isn’t about being a Continue Reading

On Following my Mama Gut


"I a mountain climber!" This, my friends, is more than an adorable picture. This is proof of following my mama gut. Also he needs a haircut. We're at Bieber status here. // Over a month ago, I signed my boy up for Vacation Bible School. The church that hosts my MOPS group does a huge VBS for kids 2+ and I just knew he'd love it. I hadn't heard a word from anyone about the upcoming week, so I reached out to my friend on staff and she answered all of my questions and more with such grace. A few Continue Reading