On Lent and the Ways I Will be Observing It

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I've been in a kind of ugly place lately, a place of quiet cynicism and selfishness. I've simultaneously deferred and coveted the spotlight. The chip on my shoulder is breaking off in pieces, the seed of my secret cynic taking root and spreading like ivy on a stone building, right across my heart. // The season of Lent arrives today, on Ash Wednesday. I'm of the Lutheran heritage, the kind that brings love in a casserole, offers grace in a warm hug, and gives a goodbye that lasts ten Continue Reading

On Where I’ve Been

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I've been missing lately. It's not from lack of words, though there is some of that. Recently the old stage fright struggle has reared its ugly head in my heart. Stories and ideas flow free through my brain but stop at my fingertips. I promise to work on letting the fear go  because I know it means someone is scared about what I have to say, what you have to add, of the stories we'll share - which is all the more reason to get to it. I've been doing some traveling and wanted to tell you about Continue Reading

On the Lights Across the Pond

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  One of these homes backing up to our neighborhood is a Christmas holdout, strings of colored lights lining their deck railing. I love these lights. In the middle of the cold dark nights, they glow. Pacing and swaying with a sleepless baby, they glow. Struck with insomnia, my mind racing and heart beating fast, they glow. Putting dinner on the table again, bathing the babies, picking up the days toy destruction, those lights glow. In the moments when I feel forgotten, those Continue Reading

On the Grace in Beauty

You are beautiful, and there is grace in

A few weeks ago I got asked when I was due. I smiled and kindly said, I'm not. And you know, my feelings weren't very hurt because frankly, I didn't blame the person who asked because if I'm honest, my belly looks poochy enough to be holding a baby. My belly has expanded four times, held two 8lb babies, shrunk again, and been neglected by good food and exercise. My belly has not been treated, or thought of, with much grace lately. // I want to offer you a word of grace. I want to encourage you Continue Reading

On the Kind of Friend I Want My Daughter to Have


Last week some friends of mine were talking about their first and second grade daughters, specifically the nitty-gritty of the girls’ friendships. They said their girls will tell them that one day they’re best friends with so-and-so, but the next day they the friendship is over. Their girls said the conversations go like this: You sat by her during storytime. We’re not friends anymore. You smiled at her in the hallway. We’re not friends anymore. You’re playing flute instead of clarinet? Continue Reading

On Sam’s First Movie – Paddington!

Sam & Paddington

--I was invited to a screening on Paddington, but due to a scheduling conflict I couldn't attend. So Husby took Sam, and wrote this post as an account of their first trip to the movies =) -- Last weekend the Boy and I had one of our best mornings ever. My wife was initially going to go to the screening of Paddington but had to lead a retreat, so, "oh, darn," I got to go. This was Sam's first real movie and if you get to know our boy, you'll know its a good sign when he goes into "blank Continue Reading