On 5 Things I Love About Fall (that have nothing to do with pumpkins)

Five Things I Love About Fall (that have nothing to do with pumpkins)

While you know I love me some good pumpkin everything (seriously. everything.), there are other things I deeply adore about autumn that have nothing to do with them. Or boots, or sweaters, or even the crisp air. For real. 1. Fall TV premieres! I get much of my work done at night, sitting on the couch with Husby as we clack away on our keyboards, TV playing in the background. Over the summer this arrangement works just fine. But with new TV seasons beginning, I'm going to have to put away Continue Reading

On My Favorite {mostly natural} Beauty Products

TCMB natural beauty

When I was at one of my first summer camps, I reveled in the freedom that came from leaving my makeup bag at home for the week. It was like a contest to see how many days we could extend between showers, and cute clothes were the last thing on my mind. One day my beautiful, heart-of-gold, deeply led by Christ counselor was getting ready in the morning, and brushed powder on her nose, a little mascara, some lipgloss, I proudly said, 'I left my makeup at home this week'. In her kindness, she Continue Reading

On the Season I’m In

On the Season I'm In | girlwithblog.com

Our seasons, they are changing, with the dredging out of the slow-cooker and sweaters and temperatures predicted to dip their toes into the 30's next week. Autumn is barreling down on us, yet I - the girl who abhors heat and humidity and welcomes the frigid winter - am clinging to summer. I feel we missed pieces of summer as they blew past while we learned to be a family of four. But of course I welcome fall with joy, and know the depth of sweetness each season brings on its own. 'This is a Continue Reading

On Five Minute Friday: whisper

#FiveMinuteFriday: whisper | girlwithblog.com

Linking up with Five Minute Friday at it’s new home in Kate Motaung‘s place. The rules: write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking - then visit other ladies who have linked up. Hop over to Kate’s to find out the full scoop behind FMF, and to visit other posts that were freely written in just five minutes. This weeks prompt: whisper GO: I hear it, like the quiet bare breeze underneath the already-hushed wind. When I wonder, why? how?, I hear It. The words that Continue Reading