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on Five Minute Friday: listen

--edited later to add photos-- This weeks prompt: LISTEN* GO: He babbles constantly these days, my little Boy. Hosting imaginary dinner parties, talking to his beloved stuffed Puppy, pretending on the fake phone. He talks and laughs and coos. I have listened to his...

on five minute friday: fall

I'm not sure how my fingers were led to these keys. The prompt has more than one meaning, and of course I gravitated towards my favorite one =) I just finished a book with a sad beginning, and I think that's why my brain took my fingertips where it did. This weeks...

on my investments

As an at-home mom (a mom at all), I invest in someone besides myself. There is a little tiny person who needs my attention, love, creativity, patience, kindness and arms. My dear son is so  high energy, so fearless, so sweetly demanding of all that I am. I wouldn't...

on celebrating the other mothers on mother’s day

There are mothers without carseats, diapers or pacifiers. Mothers who do not have bedtime rituals or middle of the night feedings. Mothers without handstamped necklaces or birthstone rings. These are the other mothers - the ones in our midst who are quietly hurting. I...

on meeting in real life {#inRLMN #inRL recap}

She came from two hours away, knowing no one. She lost her infant son just months ago. His funeral was at this church. Her whole family brought her here, napping in the car while she came inside for an hour. She used to battle addiction. That table of five - they're...

on Five Minute Friday: friend

This weeks prompt: Friend* GO: Making friends doesn't come naturally to me. Ever since I was seven, and asked the girl in the patent leather shoes to be my friend. When she looked at me straight in the eye and replied, 'No.', something in me shriveled up. To put my...

on jump: five minute friday

This weeks prompt: Jump* GO: Remember skipping rope? Doing hurdles in gym class? Jumping up and down for sheer joy at a birthday party? All jumping, all joyful, all easy... at the time. Now, tinged with age and hardened a bit with experience, I feel sometimes that...

on soup & healing {Unstuffed Green Pepper Soup}

Soup is, perhaps, the ultimate comfort food. When one feels ill, soup. On a rainy or chilly day, soup. For heartbreak, soup. And so it was that last night, the only thing on my mind for supper was soup. All is not right in the world. When bombs explode. When we don't...

on time {(in)couragement for working moms}

I'm not a typical working mom. My job is part-time, and I do it from home, only going into the office one morning a week. This arrangement has allowed me to be at home with my Boy, belong to two during-the-day moms groups, and save a bundle by not using much...

on beauty for ashes {i hope}

I want to fill this new shiny space with joy, only sweetness, all things pink and sugary. I have a book review due two hours ago and a cookbook review&giveaway slated for two days ago. There are adorable pictures from our Easter Sunday waiting to be uploaded, and...

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